Surrender can be such a difficult spiritual practice to learn. I say practice because it is something we have to try and do at least once a day, if not more. It’s easy to not be a fan of surrender because we want to keep our sense of control. Surrender can be the thing that causes us to dig our heels in and brings out the stubbornness in our hearts.

We need the Holy Spirit in our life to help with surrender. The Spirit steps up when I am weak and brings me to a place of surrender deeper than my mind can ever conjure up. Surrender has many layers that often begin with an awareness that leads to repentance and ends with God’s message of how much he loves me.

Although this process often ends with feeling loved, it does not feel great in the moment. It goes against our human nature to surrender control. I have learned over time that is okay! Growth and change are hard and being with what is, even if it doesn’t feel good, leads to more personal change than tying neat little bows on the daily work God is doing through his Holy Spirit in our lives.

Try reflecting on ways you have seen the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Spend some time journaling, praying, or just listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Try taking a walk in nature and look for ways that you can see evidence of God’s work in you and in the world.