Each session lasts 50 minutes to one hour. Leaving some quiet time to prepare for your session before, as well as time to transition after, is recommended.

It is common to see a spiritual director once a month. If you are facing something a little more challenging it may be best to have appointments more often for a season. We can discuss a rhythm that works well for you.

There is not a set time table when it comes to a direction relationship. Many find it helpful to keep their director for a lifetime, 2- 5 years, or 6-12 months during difficult seasons.

Spiritual direction is a great practice for all stages of your faith journey. Our time together is not one of performance or efforting but of resting and receiving.

Linda is available via Skype or phone sessions. On our first phone call we can discuss which might work best for you.

Spiritual direction may feel similar to counseling but it focuses on opening to the voice of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit instead of focusing on cognitive or behavioral therapies. Depending on the content arising, your spiritual director may advise some sessions with a licensed professional.

Spiritual direction is a ministry. There is a fee of $150 per session. This fee is a contribution to the ministry and not payment for advice or counsel. My heart’s desire is that anyone seeking will be able to experience spiritual direction. If you have financial circumstances that prevent you from paying the fee, please contact me about options including a sliding scale.

All sessions should be paid prior to arriving or in person at the time of your appointment. Your prompt payment is appreciated. Accepted payment methods include cash, check, credit, or PayPal.

Spiritual directors maintain the confidentiality and the privacy of the spiritual directee by protecting the identity of the spiritual directee, keeping confidential all matters arising in the spiritual direction session recognizing and disclosing to the spiritual directee the limitations of confidentiality of electronic communications and conducting spiritual direction sessions in appropriate settings. *adapted from spiritual directors international.

Online sessions work well for both spiritual direction and Somatic Experiencing. You will receive a confidential zoom link prior to your session and are encouraged to find a space that feels safe, private and relaxing before you log on. At this point in time in person sessions are not an option. Outdoor walking sessions are a possibility if deemed best for your nervous system.